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Synthetic Gaze Dataset with MetaHumans

I worked as a Research Assistant at the UW Reality Lab, where I created a synthetic dataset of human eye gazes. The dataset is used to modify the views of individuals during video calls to make it appear they are looking naturally into the camera.

Internships @ Amazon

Software Dev Engineer

Over the summers of 2022 and 2023, I worked at Amazon as an SDE intern, helping to build the automation platform Taskless Workplace. I used generative AI to build multiple AWS services that enabled customers to easily gain insights into complicated processes.

Stock Market

CNN for Stock Option Price Predictions

I led a research effort at UW utilizing solutions the Black-Scholes Equation and the QRM method to train a convolutional neural network (CNN) for forecasting stock options prices. Our paper was published in SAI's Computing Conference 2023.


CSE Head Teaching Assist

I worked as the Head TA for CSE 121, the first course in UW's first offering of its redesigned intro to programming series. I lead a group of ~30 TAs, teaching fundamental programming concepts to ~550 students at UW. Previously, I taught CSE 143 for 3 quarters. Below is a list of courses I have taught:

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Personal Project

LUX Production Match Maker

As the Head of Productions of LUX Film Production Club, I developed a program to place club members into film productions based on their experience and preference. The program saves directors and producers hours of tedious manual work and makes the crew placement process more equitable while allowing for crew flexibility. (GitHub link)

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